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Plumbing Red Flags to Look for When Buying a House

Fixing Sink Pipe
Buying a home is exciting — especially when this is your first experience in the real estate market. You've made a list of all the wants, needs, and expectations you have for your new future house. As you make your way through each showing or open house you look for the right number of bedrooms, a kitchen with all the best fixtures, a bathroom that has the tub/shower combo you want, and everything else that makes the home of your dreams come true.
However, even though you know what you want, do you know what you don't want? A home that's in disrepair or has significant problems can end up costing you money now and in the future. If you do decide to buy a fixer-upper, you need to make sure that the costs you'll incur won't set you back too much — especially after your down payment and moving costs.
One costly issue that you should look out for is bad plumbing. Some issues are easy to spot, but there are other problems that might not be so obvious to a first-time homebuyer. If you have little-to-no plumbing expertise, take a look at these common problems that you need to watch out for during your search for a home.
Strange Sounds
The house is empty and it's totally silent. That is until you hear the sound of running water. You check the faucets, the shower, and even the washing machine. But everything is turned off. Where is the noise coming from? The toilet may possibly have a leak.
When the valves inside of the toilet tank are worn, water can leak through. When this happens, the toilet may run without anyone flushing it. The phantom sounds indicate that the toilet has a problem. Even though some toilet issues are fairly easy to fix, others may cost you much more than you've budgeted for.
If the home inspection doesn't indicate any issues with the toilets but you have heard them running, ask to have your own plumber come in for an evaluation.
Stains on the Ceiling
Spotting a leak is fairly straightforward, but you’ll have a harder time figuring out where the leak is coming from. Is the roof leaking? Or is there a problem with the plumbing? A noticeable stain that is on a first-floor ceiling, especially under a bathroom, is likely a plumbing issue.
If you notice any leaks in the ceilings, have a professional plumber inspect the pipes. A broken pipe is an expensive repair that you may not want to make immediately after buying a new home.
Odd Odors
Something smells like sewage. Unless there is an obvious spill, like garbage or something else that clearly stinks, the home may have a plumbing problem. Several different plumbing issues can result in a sewage type of odor, and none of them are good.
A house that smells like a sewer may have clogged drains, back-ups, or leaks. And sewage smells not only offend your senses but also pose a serious safety risk. Sewer gases that build up are combustible, creating a fire hazard in your potential new home.
These gasses can also cause health issues such as nausea or dizziness. So the possibility of inhaling these toxic gases or the gasses causing a fire makes a sewage smell something that you need to address before buying a home.
Don't forget to look for potential problems while you're buying a home. The last thing you want is to deal with the costs of serious plumbing issues.
Are you in the process of buying a new home? Contact Ritz Plumbing for more information about potential plumbing problems.
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